AC Replacement In Buffalo

AC Replacement In Buffalo

Do you need an AC replacement or AC repair in Buffalo? We’re your local choice and just recently T-Mark was hired to fix an AC issue with a local Buffalo home just like yours. The customer came to T-Mark because their AC Unit had cooling issues. It had 20+ years of wear and tear. When T-Mark was dispatched to the home in Buffalo, we diagnosed the issue with the unit.

The homeowner agreed that the AC Unit had reached its lifespan and it was time for a replacement with a new energy efficient and safe Cooling system. The customer decided to replace their 20+ year old system so they didn’t have to worry about any more issues. At the same time they are looking forward to more energy savings during the hot Buffalo summer.

Buffalo AC Installation: American Standard

The customer decided to move forward with installing a new American Standard Silver 16 Air Conditioner. This Unit Surpasses government efficiency standards, helping you save up to 50 percent on your cooling energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The unit can be installed as part of a complete system and you may meet the efficiency requirements for a federal energy tax credit. The Silver 16 Air Conditioner keeps operating noise to a minimum, even on the hottest days. The home air conditioning system cools with an environmentally friendly refrigerant that is ozone-safe. Homeowners can get more efficient and reliable cooling thanks to the Spine Fin™ coil and durable Duration™ compressor in this air conditioner system. The system is protected from the elements with rust-resistant coating, screws and basepan.

Buffalo Cooling Contractor Offers Same Day AC Replacement

When T-Mark first got to the customer’s home, they spared no time getting the old unit out of the home to start the new AC replacement. The T-Mark team removed the old AC System in pieces to make the removal easier and to get it out of the home safely. Once the old unit was expertly removed, they carefully brought in the new American Standard unit and put it into place.

Once the new unit was in the home, the team fit the home’s existing duct system to the unit and sealed off the connections to provide a strong airflow throughout the home. With the new system in place and the ducts connected snuggly, the team wired in the electricity and the controls to the unit taking care to make sure everything was connected properly. After a first run test was performed and the unit was confirmed to be working properly, the cover was put on the unit. The team cleaned up any mess that was made in the home and made sure the customer was happy and had no further questions before leaving the home.

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