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Water is the most essential element in our lives – without it, we literally cannot survive! So poor water quality is a major concern for families and neighbors in Buffalo and WNY.

Water filtration Solutions for Buffalo & WNY

We are proud to offer solutions that protect water quality for our friends and neighbors in Western New York. We expose ourselves, loved ones and expensive appliances to our water supply each and every day. There are several factors that can impact our water quality: the age of our city’s water supply system and poor input quality are two of the biggest factors.

Whole House Water Filter Installations

T-Mark Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric offers a whole home water purification system that connects to your home’s main water supply, directly after the meter. This means that water goes through the filtration process before it is able to be used or consumed by any fixture in the home. The result? Cleaner water in the shower for the kids, glasses that come out of the dishwasher without spots and fixtures that don’t get bogged down with calcium or other mineral deposits. This system can also make a major impact for people who suffer from sensitive skin. The difference in your water quality is truly amazing!

Safer Water for your Family
Our water filtration system removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds, arsenic, pesticides, herbicides and other solvents that find their way into our water supply.

T-Mark Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric provides whole house water filtration systems throughout WNY.

Call us today at (716) 249-0029 for a free in-home water test and estimate.

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What our customer are saying...

Michelle Wing

I have had a nightmare of a time with the plumbing in the house I moved into a year ago. T Mark sent Seth out quickly, he was fast, professional, explained everything in detail, and was very understanding when I was very stressed. It’s very easy and efficient to schedule, company is great with communication, it was refreshing to be treated respectfully, would absolutely recommend and will use in the future.


Jon Stachura was totally professional, respectful and congenial. He was actually available two hours earlier than expected. He quickly diagnosed the leak problem and offered best and worst case solutions for repair. Jon was mindful of the customers property. While he was initially expected to arrive between 12 & 2, he actually completed the job by 12:15pm. The job was not simple. It involved Jon opening a wall and removing a 125 year old section of iron plumbing stack and replacing with pvc pipe. Very pleased with his work. Thank you Jon and TMark!!!

Bud Shalkowski

Gary and John were awesome. Helped fix a collapsed cast iron pipe situation to entire new pvc system in the basement and sump pump as well… they were unbelievably helpful and I am appreciative of everything they did.

Thomas Higgins

Seth was courteous, professional and very knowledgeable when it came to my plumbing issues. He took care of the problem and I haven’t had any issues with plumbing since. I have used T-Mark several other times and all the staff does outstanding work. Thanks

Stacey Bubis

Ryan was professional yet down to earth and very informative and helpful.
We use TMark for all our plumbing and heating A +